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About Us

  Shanghai Operation Robot Co.("Aopeng"), Ltd., founded in 2017, is specialized in medical robotic innovation, manufacturing, and commercialization. Aopeng is an innovative leader in endovascular interventional robotic surgery and AI clinical innovation. Aopeng endovascular interventional robot can be compatible with all categories of interventional devices to perform the whole process of coronary intervention, peripheral intervention, neuro-intervention nerve, and tumor intervention surgery.

Why Us


The world's first robotic open platform

Multiple therapies: Cardiovascular, Neurovascular and Peripheral vascular. 
Whole process: Covering key steps of interventional operations. 
Compatibility : Compatible with most commercialized interventional devices.
Platformization: Providing intervention, orthopedics, endoscope, and ERCP&ESD solutions. 


Excellent compound talents

Capital: Professional investors. 
Management: Global industry experience leaders 
Technology: Global R&D talents of robotic engineering. 
Clinical experts: Shanghai Jiaotong University, Changhai Hospital of Shanghai, The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, Nanjing First Hospital, etc. 


Leading commercialization progress

Kick off clinical trials of interventional robot. 
Own core technologies including: hardware, software and material.
National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 “New Generation of AI” Major Project Award (2018AAA0102600). 


Blue ocean market

Potential of 10-Billion market. 
Involving a huge Cardiovascular, Neurovascular and Peripheral vascular marketing with a large number of consumables and services. 
Multiple therapies: Endovascular intervention, Orthopedics, Endoscope, ERCP and ESD.