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Interventional surgery assisted with aortic covered stent was successful


On August 1, 2021, ALLVAS&trade, an endovascular interventional surgery robot independently developed by Shanghai Operation Robot Co., Ltd. Successfully completed the first human clinical study of interventional aortic stent surgery. This is also the first time in human history that abdominal aortic aneurysms and thoracic aortic aneurysms were treated with endovascular interventional surgery robots in patients. The operation was performed by the team of Professor Lu Qingsheng, Vascular Surgery Department, Changhai Hospital Affiliated to China Naval Medical University. After the surgery, Shanghai Operation Robot and the team celebrated the first successful aortic stent intervention and held the ALLVAS™ Interventional surgery robot clinical experience exchange meeting.



(The scene of Shanghai Operation Robot Medical surgery)


Witness history: The world's first clinical enrollmentThe clinical need is overwhelming



It is reported that the patient is a 56-year-old man, who has been suffering from abdominal aortic aneurysm disease for more than 10 years. He has taken a lot of drugs for a long time, but his condition has not been relieved, which seriously affects his daily quality of life. The patient sought medical treatment in Changhai Hospital. After preoperative discussion, the doctor team decided to use ALLVAS&trade, an innovative intravascular interventional surgery robot developed by Shanghai Operation Robot Medical; Get a covered aortic stent. During the operation, doctors used the Shanghai Operation Robot Medical endovascular interventional surgery robot ALLVAS™ Provide 3D navigation system, combined with DSA (digital subtraction angiography) and preoperative CT image fusion, accurate evaluation of target stent and location. The manipulator uses V-shaped gripper to hold guide wire, guide catheter, sheath, balloon and stent delivery system to complete the whole process of interventional operation. The system has 26 degrees of freedom, and the robotic arm can complete fine operation and perform various endovascular interventional procedures for patients.

Professor Lu Qingsheng teleoperated the robotic arm during the operation to complete the fine operation process. Control of guide wire module by joystick, ALLVAS™ The intravascular interventional surgery robot can push the catheter wire of the case, and also realize the cooperative movement of the tube wire. After the balloon is pre-expanded during the process of the guide wire passing through the lesion, the position of the stent system is fine-adjusted by the tiny millimeter forward mode on the touch screen of the console. The endovascular interventional surgery robot accurately released the stent, and the stent perfectly covered the lesion. Finally, the physician team used ALLVAS™ The endovascular interventional surgery robot successfully completed the complete surgical process from the insertion of angiographic guidewire and catheter to the release of stent. In a relatively short time, the patients were accurately and efficiently implanted with the aortic covered stent, which solved the pain caused by abdominal aortic aneurysm.



(Professor Lu Qingsheng teleoperates the robotic arm during surgery)

Professor Lu Qingsheng spoke to Shanghai Operation Robot Medical ALLVAS&trade after surgery; Endovascular interventional surgery robot is highly appraised: & LDquo; ALLVAS™ The advantages of intravascular interventional surgery robot make doctors more accurate in the implementation of vascular interventional surgery, and solve the errors caused by manual operation, such as hand shaking, forward jump, displacement, etc. Second, ALLVAS™ The radiation exposure can be kept to the lowest possible level, allowing the interventionist to perform the procedure outside the catheter, away from the radiation. Moreover, ALLVAS™ It can quickly and efficiently complete the whole process of complicated surgical operations such as guide wire catheter entry and stent release. The operation fluency and operation time can surpass the level of similar international products. ALLVAS™ The surgical capabilities of intravascular interventional robots are exciting and exciting.”





Ten years of technology accumulationTo build a global innovation highland for interventional robotics


Prior to that, Shanghai Operation Robot Medical ALLVAS™ The endovascular interventional robot has completed animal experiments of coronary artery, renal artery and superior mesenteric artery surgery. It also achieved the world's first animal experiment of neurovascular thrombectomy, filter implantation and removal, and aortic coated stent implantation using intravascular interventional surgery robot. It also marks the breakthrough of zero in the field of intravascular interventional surgery robotics worldwide.

Shanghai Operation Robot Medical ALLVAS™ Endovascular interventional robot is an innovative product that includes high-end manufacturing, artificial intelligence, automatic surgery and other independent research and development. The core technology covers the design of robot architecture, process design of manipulator and actuator, force feedback mechanism, software algorithm and automated surgery, system integration and other fields.

Innovative products are often inseparable from the top research and development team. Shanghai Operation Robot Medical is an international leading innovative medical robot company jointly built by international roboticist, clinical medical expert and senior practitioner in the medical device industry. Shanghai Operation Robot Medical has nearly 10 years of prospective basic technical research and clinical reserve. Developed the world's first universal vascular intervention robot product. The treatment of diseases covering coronary, peripheral vascular, nerve and vascular tumors is more extensive than the current interventional surgery robots on the market. From the perspective of serving doctors, Shanghai Operation Robot endovascular surgery robot covers the departments of cardiology, vascular surgery, neurology, neurosurgery and radiology in Classⅲ Grade A hospitals, which will greatly reduce the dependence of interventional surgery on physicians' experience and shorten the training time of junior doctors.




Independent research and development and continuous innovation are the foundation of Shanghai Operation Robot Medical's development. Shanghai Operation Robot Medical has applied for 35 invention patents. The system architecture of Aupen endovascular interventional robot is designed to mimic the design of multi-person manipulator, which can simulate the operation of the master and assistant. Compared with the single manipulator, the endovascular interventional robot can achieve more stable and complex operation. Secondly, Shanghai Operation Robot Medical's manipulator adopts suspension structure design, and each component can be disassembled and assembled for easy use in the DSA operating room. The space occupancy is low, which makes the application more flexible and mobile.

The friends of intracavitary robot wider adaptability, facilitate the wider dissemination and market promotion, the company in product design using the technique of adaptive and holding hands, to be able to fit all types of thread and catheter on the market, so as to complete most of the interventional operation action, compared with the foreign technical route of the same kind of products wider application range. At the same time, the remote control handle is designed to simulate the manual movements of doctors in the actual operation, which is more suitable for doctors' surgical habits and enables doctors to adapt to robotic surgery faster.

To minimize the risk of surgery and improve the surgeon's experience, Shanghai Operation Robot Medical's endovascular surgical robot has a special feature. Gems & throughout; , equipped with a force feedback system. The force feedback handle can exert the resistance of the catheter guide wire in the blood vessel on the doctor's hand through force feedback, so that the doctor can have a real resistance feeling when holding the handle to rotate and push the catheter guide wire. The doctor determines whether the catheter wire will cause damage to the blood vessel wall based on the actual sensation. Ensure that the doctor uses the handle to push the guide wire catheter exactly the same as the previous manual push. Through the force feedback handle, the doctor can improve the operation scene, make the master-slave operation scene become real, and improve the safety of operation. At the same time, it also extends the operation habits and techniques of doctors for a long time, and shortens the learning time of doctors.

With the development of 5G technology, Shanghai Operations Robot endovascular surgical robot is equipped with intelligent. Eyes & throughout; And & other Throughout the brain &; . Robot navigation in the visual remote monitoring, real-time imaging and computer algorithm guided by the doctor not only can be real-time observed in vivo thread and the location of the catheter, and can also remote real-time observed in vitro robots send thread and the state of the catheter, intelligent induction to the guide wire and conduit resistance condition, improve the accuracy and security of the operation.




With the development of 5G technology, Shanghai Operations Robot endovascular surgical robot is equipped with intelligent. Eyes & throughout; And & other Throughout the brain &; . The appearance of Shanghai Operations Robot endovascular interventional robot has undoubtedly brought good news to patients all over the world! Believe that in the near future, with ALLVAS™ Being certified and listed will not only promote the popularization of clinical practice and the development of global related industries, but also ultimately promote the innovation of treatment methods and provide important technical support for the improvement and progress of the overall level of international medical intervention. The success of this first clinical trial marks Auopon Healthcare's position as a pioneer and leader in smart endovascular interventional surgery robots and smart endovascular surgical solutions, which will provide universal and integrated surgical solutions to more patients and physicians.

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